Evenco is headquartered in Klang, Malaysia and is responsible for sales and service of all Evenco products in the Malaysia and globally. Evenco designs and manufactures industrial-duty centrifugal fans and blowers to move process and material-laden air. Our products cover a wide range of airflow and pressure requirements. Our fans and blowers, both pre-engineered and custom, include backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, radial tipped fans, material handling fans, high-pressure blowers, and other centrifugal fans and blowers.

Evenco continues to enjoy consistent growth because our vision has always been clear: Bring together the best minds in engineering, develop top-quality industrial fans and blowers, and deliver them with unmatched customer service. Evenco strives to be an industry-leading fan and blower manufacturer offering a complete line of air handling products and accessories.

Evenco offers quality industrial centrifugal fans and blowers with premier customer service. We are committed to ensuring your success as our customer, and we welcome the opportunity to build a successful business relationship with you. Request a quote and tell us your requirment.